Penjalin Island is one of many islands at Anambas, Riau Archipelago. This island, along with the other islands in Anambas currently is not as popular as Batam or Bintan Island, even though they are located at the same archipelago. But, the natural beauty of Anambas, especially Penjalin Island will amaze you, guys! We, Enjoy Anambas team have the mission to carry Anambas in the world of tourism. So everybody on the rest of the world is known that Anambas Islands is existing and amazingly beautiful, waiting for you all come, explore and enjoy.

Penjalin Island has clear sea water with its turquoise color which will refresh your mind. Stretch white of sands at the coast, with delicate and very soft sand like flour will make you never want to go home. The beach has curved shape that is similar to a bay.

For some reason, people who have never been to Penjalin Island mistakenly thought that this island is located in Thailand by looking at the photograph. Indeed, Thailand also known with its beauty of marine tourism. However, this need to be straightening that Penjalin Island has its own character. A pile of granite rocks which are very typical lies here in Penjalin Island. The variety of granite rocks located at several angles in the edge of the beach. That piles of rocks are high enough for a person to climb.

This island has very wide beach area which is you can do many activity such as swimming, sun-bathing, snorkeling, fishing, trekking, even diving. The underwater world is as amazing as its surroundings.

Penjalin Island
Penjalin Island

Best time to travel

March to August is the best and recommended timing to travel to Anambas Archipelago, including Penjalin Island, Temawan Island, Selat Rangsang or Bawah Island. Those months are the time when the ocean waves are very calm and the water clarity is at its best.

To avoid disappointment, do not try to try to come in September to February. That is the time when monsoon season is coming and ocean will be wild. South China Sea is not the opponent, even if you come with large ships.

How to go to Penjalin Island

Penjalin Island precisely located in Tebang Village, Palmatak sub district. This island has 1.552,9 Km² areas. To go to this island, you need to rent a speed boat or so called “pompong” for locals from Tarempa. From Tarempa to Penjalin will take approximately 90 minutes by speed boat, or, if you use “pompong”, it will takes longer around 2 – 3 hours.

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There is no public transportation here currently, so, visitors and travelers especially from aboard are advice to have enough information before going to Anambas, especially Penjalin Island.

Recommended trip organizer

For convenient trip, optimize travel time and to avoid disappointment, it is highly recommended to look out for a trip organizer before going to Anambas. There are many Anambas trip organizer and keep growing to serve a better trip and travel for visitors.

Enjoy Anambas as one of Anambas trip organizer is ready to deliver your memorable trip to Anambas. Experience Anambas with us!

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Photo credit: Indonesia-Tourism & Maringetrip

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